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Robbins Brothers Diamonds

Video Chat & See Our Diamonds


Want to see our diamonds up-close without visiting a store? We invite you to view diamonds through our live video chat! View in privacy without us seeing you – while you view these sparkling beauties.


Hand-Selected for Quality and Beauty

What makes a diamond an “engagement diamond?” Every diamond we offer must meet criteria that guarantee it will sparkle beautifully for a lifetime. Our diamond buyer travels the world to make sure each diamond we sell is:

  • Conflict free in origin.
  • Visually beautiful.
  • Strong structural integrity.
  • Hand selected for quality.
  • Responsibly sourced.
  • Never fracture filled or laser drilled.

Only one in ten diamonds offered to us has the unique qualities to be an Engagement Diamond. It’s why we stand behind our diamonds 110%. Every engagement diamond comes with a 110% Sparkle guarantee, 110% Trade-up value and 110% Lifetime warranty.

Robbins Brothers Diamonds

Unmatched Variety and Selection

We are proud to offer an array of diamonds that fit every budget and are unique in the industry. From our standard Select diamond, to our exclusive 98 facet Echo diamond, to our environmentally friendly e3 and Northern Lights diamonds, to the beauty and security of Forevermark – our selection is unrivaled.

Robbins Brothers Diamonds

In-Store Experience

Become a Diamond Expert. Use the tools the pros use to see diamonds up-close & in person.

  • Relaxed shopping in a friendly, comfortable environment.
  • Trained gemologist to guide you through every step.
  • Professional Gemscope, Scale and Color Grading Tray.
  • The Diamond Viewing Room experience: Look at diamonds the way the professionals do.
Robbins Brothers Diamonds

110% Diamond Guarantee

The guarantee that is better in 3 beautiful ways. We stand behind every engagemend diamond we offer...for life.

  • 110% Lifetime Diamond Warranty.
  • 110% Trade Up Guarantee.
  • 110% Sparkle Guarantee.

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